Saadat Islamic Products

Sa’adat Remunerative accounts (Saadat Saving, Term Deposit, Daily Product and Business A/c) are opened on the basis of Islamic principle of Mudaraba, whereby the depositors the Rabul Mal and the Bank is the Mudarib. The profit is shared as the basis of pre-determined weightages. Sa’adat Non-Remunerative accounts (Sa’adat Current and Basic Banking Account) are maintained on the basis of ‘Qard’.

Murabaha is a particular kind of sale where seller expressly mentions the cost he has incurred on the commodities to be sold and sells it to another person by adding some profit or markup thereon which is known to the buyer. The term, ‘Murabaha’ is generally applied to transactions where the seller agrees to sell goods on credit and he discloses the price of goods if these were to be sold on cash and the mark-up or profit for selling the goods on credit. The profit may either be a lump sum or may be based on a percentage.

Use: To meet working capital requirements through purchase of raw material, finished/semi finished goods for business.

Ijarah (Lease) is a contract whereby the owner of an asset, other than consumables, transfers its usufruct to another person for an agreed period for an agreed consideration.
An Ijarah transaction has the following characteristics:

  • There is an asset of a durable nature;
  • There are two parties (or two groups of the parties) in the transaction, i.e., the owner (lessor) of the asset and its user (lessee);
  • Owner (lessor) retains the ownership of the asset for the entire lease period;
    There is a financial consideration i.e. Rental for the period of the use of the asset.

Use: To Finance/Lease all types of Plant and Machinery.

Diminishing Musharaka
Diminishing Musharaka is a particular kind of Musharaka, according to which a Bank and his customer jointly contribute and participate in the ownership of a particular asset or equipment or in a commercial enterprise. The share of the financier is further divided into smaller units according to his share in the joint ownership of the asset. The client starts purchasing the share of the Bank in the joint ownership one by one, as per their mutual understanding at the time of agreement, thus increasing his own share till a time comes when he becomes the sole owner of the property.

Use: For financing/Purchase of Vehicles, land and building, plant, machinery and equipment.