Savings Accounts

Sindh Bank is trying to create an economic environment that will play a great role in the economic development of the country. Through a wide range of financial services, Sindh Bank has launched many attractive deposit schemes for its customers, the banks customers have a better opportunity to deposit their money for higher profits.

Daily Product Account

This is a unique account where your money begins earning interest as soon as you make a deposit. Interest is calculated on your daily closing balance and credited to your account at the end of the month, one makes money from the day of the initial deposit to the day that you withdraw your funds. The minimum amount required to open this account is Rs 25,000/-

General Saving Account

Sindh Banks Assan Account is a special account for all members of society, through which banking services can be availed without any inconvenience or lengthy procedures. There are no requirements of minimum balance and there is minimum documentation required.

Women Empowerment Account

Women Empowerment Account has been introduced to cater to women to add value and boost their savings. This account also allows women to avail a convenient financing facility against their savings to manage their cash flow needs.

Young Talent Account

Young Talent Account has been introduced to motivate young Pakistani’s to develop a habit of savings and have a sense of ownership. The account is designed for students of schools, college and technical institutions to open an account with a guardian.

Foreign Currency Account (USD, EURO, GBP)

Like all other banks Sindh Bank also offers Foreign Currency Accounts to their customers. Foreign Currency Deposits (Pounds Stg, Euro, US Dollars, Deutsch Marks and Japanese yen) are accepted on interest basis which are governed by the rules and regulations pertaining to the special scheme announced by the SBP.