SMS Banking

Listed below are some Handy and Frequently Used Commands in our daily life. Send an SMS at 8987 to avail the facilities in the SMS Format, given below:

S.No. Command Use / Application / Result SMS Format
1 BALA Returns your Account No. and

Current Balance in your Account.

2 LFTR Last few Transactions carried out on your account. LFTR<space>Account No.
3 IBFT Transfer of Funds to any of the

Listed Banks.

Refer attached Annexure ‘A’ for the

list of Banks

IBFT<space>ATM Card No(Last 6 digits)<space>Destination Bank Short Code<space>Destination Account No<space>Amount <space>Reason Code
4 PAYC Funds Transfer amongst different

Accounts within Sindh Bank Ltd.

PAYC<space>Amount<space> Account No<space>Reason Code
5 ELOAD Mobile Top-Ups (Pre-paid / Post- paid)

Refer Annexure ‘A’ for Telco Short



Short Code<space>Mobile Phone No.

6 EMRE To get your E-mail address registered with Sindh Bank Ltd. EMRE<space>Email address

You will be asked to return via SMS, the ‘Confirmation Code’ mailed at your E-mail address

7 EMAIL Account Statement on registered

Email address


(without spaces; eg: yyyymmdd)


space <A>

Note: The Ecom transactions are only activated for 30 minutes.

9 INT START By default all ATM / Debit Cards are blocked for international Cash withdrawals / POS / Ecommerce transactions. Customer may

activate his/her Card by using INT


For Activation:  INT (Space) START

(Space) last six digits of card

Ex: INT START 052481

For Deactivation: INT (Space) STOP (Space) last six digits of card Ex: INT STOP 052481

10 ATM START Customer can re activate their ATM cards For Activation: ATM (space) Start (space) Last six digit of card number
Ex: ATM Start 052481
11 ATM STOP Customer can stop / de activate their ATM cards For De-Activation:
ATM (Space) Stop
Ex: ATM Stop
12 NEWA Customer can register for
complete SMS services using
this command , command can
be send any time to register for
this services
(without dashes)
13 NEWB At any time customer can send this command to stop his/her
sms services and will only be
entitled for FREE sms
transaction alters
eg: NEWB CNIC (without dashes)
14 HELP You will receive a list of ‘HELP’


eg: Help<space>LFTR and so on. and you may get further details accordingly
15 FBR FBR tax payments can be done FBRT space <PSID>

Note: PSID can be obtained from FBR

website “

You can pay bills of following utility Companies/Services by sending SMS to 8987 (Sindh Bank SMS number)

Company Name COMMANDS SMS Format
K.E KESC KESC<space> ACC. Number
SSGC SSGC SSGC<space>Customer Number
PTCL PTCL PTCL<space>Account ID
EVO POSTPAID EVPO EVPO<space>Amount<space>MDN No
KWSB KWSB KWSB<space>Consumer Number.
PGOC PGOC PGOC<Space>Reference Number
LUMS LUMS LUMS<space>Voucher Number
GEPCO GEPC GEPC<space>Reference Number
HESCO HESC HESC<space>Reference Number
LESCO LESC LESC<space>Reference Number
MEPCO MEPC MEPC<space>Reference Number
SNGPL SNGP SNGP<space>Consumer Number
SECP SecExcCom PAK SECP SECP<space>Consumer Number
WiTribe WITR WITR<space>Amount<space>Consumer No.
QUBEE Consumer QUBE QUBE<space>Consumer Number
Jubilee Insurance JUBL JUBL<Space>Reference Number
Sindh Revenue Board SRVB SRVB<space>Consumer Number
ENGRO ENGR ENGR<space>Consumer Number
AL-Meezan Investment AMMF AMMF<space>Consumer Number
CDC CDCI CDCI<space>Consumer Number
sukker power SEPC SEPC<space>Consumer Number
Faislabad Water FWAS FWAS<space>Consumer Number
Sindh Worker Welfare SWWF SWWF<space>Consumer Number
Federal Board of Revenue FBRT FBRT<space>PSID
Beaconhouse School BSSC BSSC<space>Student ID
Punjab Revenue Authority PRAT PRAT<space>Consumer Number
I-B-A IBAP IBAP<space>Student Id
DHA-Islamabad-Rawalpindi DHAI DHAII<space>Account Id
Haball HABA HABA<space>Consumer Number
Punjab Employee Security PESI PESI<space>Consumer Number
Goverment of Punjab GOPP GOPP<space>PSID
Punjab Tax for Vehicle VECH VECH<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-Motor Vehicle Reg MTRG MTRG<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-Vehicle Transfer VCTR VCTR<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-e-Auction AUCT AUCT<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-Property Tax PRTX PRTX<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-Professional Tax PROF PROF<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-Cotton fee COTT COTT<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-e-Stamping STMP STMP<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-Mutation Fee MTFE MTFE<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-Fard Fee FARD FARD<space>Consumer Number
Punjab-Business Reg Fee BREG BREG<space>Consumer Number
BASHA Dam   PAYC<space>Amount<space><03014969103500> Bash Acc.
IBFT Member Bank Bank_Code
ABHI Finance AFN
Advance Pakistan Micro Finance Bank LTD APM
AFTs wallet AFT
Al Baraka Bank Ltd ABB
Allied Bank Ltd ABL
Apna Microfinance Bank AMB
Askari Commercial Bank Ltd ACB
Bank AL-Habib Ltd BAH
Bank Alfalah Ltd BAF
Bank of Khyber KHY
Bank of Punjab BOP
BankIslami Ltd BIP
Burj Bank Ltd BBJ
CitiBank CBL
Dubai Islamic Bank Ltd DIB
Faysal Bank Ltd FBL
Finca Microfinance Bank FMB
First Women Bank Ltd FWB
Habib Bank Ltd HBL
Habib Metro Bank HMB
Khushhali Bank KHU
MCB Arif Habib MAH
MCB Islamic MIB
Meezan Bank Ltd MBL
Mobilink Micro Finance MMF
Model Bank MDL
Muslim Commercial Bank MCB
National Bank of Pakistan NBP
NayaPay NYA
NIB Bank ltd NIB
NRSP Micro finance Bank NRS
SadaPay SDP
Silk Bank SLK
Sindh Bank SND
SME Bank Ltd SME
Soneri Bank Ltd SBL
Standard Chartered Bank SCB
Summit Bank SMT
TAG Wallet TAG
Telenor Microfinanace Bank TMB
The First Microfinance Bank TFM
United Bank Ltd UBL
Code Reasons for IBFT & PAYC
1 Family support
2 Educational Payments
3 Dividends
4 Trade Services
5 Loan Payment
6 Rental payments
7 Personal investments
8 Tax Payments
9 Online Purchases
10 Fuel Adjustment
11 Vendor Payments – Spare parts
12 Vendor Payments – Services
13 Vendor Payments – Advance Payment
14 Vendor Payments – Refunds
15 Distributor Payments – Goods
16 Distributor Payment – Expired Items
17 Distributor PMT – DISC on Early Payment
18 Exchange Items/Returns
19 Distributor Refunds
20 Merchant Payments – Goods
21 Merchant Payments – Expired Items
22 Merchant Payments – Exchange / Returns
23 Merchant Payments – Commission
24 Supplier Payments – Goods
25 Supplier Payments – Spare parts
26 Supplier Payments – Returns and refunds
27 Advertising Payments
28 Professional Services
29 Commercial investments
30 Vendor Payment
31 Supplier/Distributor Payment
32 International Remittance Disbursement
33 Loan Disbursements – Personal Loan
34 Loan Disbursements – Car Loan
35 Loan Disbursements – Home Loan
36 Loan Disbursements – Running Finance
37 Loan DISB – Working Capital – OD
38 Loan DISB – Working Capital – FE Loans
39 Loan Disbursements – Import Financing
40 Loan DISB – Pre & Post Shipment Export
41 Loan Disbursements LMM Funding
42 Term Deposit Encashment
43 Profit Payments – Monthly
44 Profit Payments – Quarterly
45 Profit Payments – Half Yearly
46 Profit Payments – Yearly
47 Profit Payments – Daily
48 Shares Encashment
49 Car Claim – Bodily Injury Claims
50 Third Party Car Insurance Claims
51 Auto Theft and Vandalism Claims
52 Car Loss of value to vehicle
53 Insurance Claims – Car Personal injury
54 Car Injury by uninsured defendant
55 Car Coverage for rental car repair
56 INS Claim Medical – Hospital stays
57 NS Claim Medical – Doctor visits
58 INS Medical claim-Emergency medical care
59 INS Claim Medical – Surgeries
60 INS Claim Medical – Medical Prescription
61 INS Property Claim- Theft & damage
62 INS Claim – Land contamination
63 INS Claim – Damage – appliance failure
64 INS Claim – Damage due to mold
65 INS Claim – Replacement cost issues
66 INS Claim Catastrophe – Flood damage
67 INS Claim Catastrophe – Hail damage
68 INS Claim Wildfire related losses
69 INS Claim – Tornado damage
70 INS Claim – Hurricane damage
71 INS Claim – Earthquake damage
72 INS Claim – Lightning strike
73 INS Claim – Excessively strong winds
74 INS Claim – Blizzard damage
75 Customer Refunds – Gift Card
76 Customer Refunds – Store Credit
77 Customer Refunds – Cash Back
78 Customer Refunds – Exchanges / Refunds
79 Tax Refund
80 Medical payment
81 Transport payment
82 Utility Bill Payments – Electricity
83 Utility Bill Payments – Gas
84 Utility Bill Payments – Internet
85 Utility Bill Payment – Telecommunication
86 Utility Bill Payments – Miscellaneous
87 Credit Card Bill Payment – Min Payment
88 Credit Card Bill Payments – Full Payment
89 Credit Card Bill PMT – Partial Payment
90 Loan Re-payments – Personal Loan
91 Loan Re-payments – Car Loan
92 Loan Re-payments – Home Loan
93 Loan Re-payments – Running Finance
94 Loan Re-payments – Instalments
95 Loan Re-payments – Full Payment
96 Insurance Premium / Underwriting
97 Subscriptions
98 Donations – Financial Contributions
99 Donations – Sponsorships
100 Donations – Charity
101 Donation – TCF
102 Donation – Shaukat Khanum
103 Donation – Aman Foundation
104 Donation – Edhi Foundation
105 PIB Payments
106 CDC payments – IPO
107 CDC payments – Additional payment
108 Shares & Stocks
109 Prize Bonds
110 Mutual Funds – Monthly Payment
111 Mutual Funds – Quarterly Payment
112 Mutual Funds – Yearly Payment
113 Voluntary Pension – Monthly Payment
114 Voluntary Pension – Quarterly Payment
115 Voluntary Pension – Yearly Payment
116 Educational – Registration Payment
117 Educational – Admission Fee
118 Educational – Annual Fee
119 Educational – Semester Fee
120 Educational – Monthly Fee
121 Educational – Exam Fee
122 Educational – Fines / Challans
123 Educational – Module Payments
124 Educational – Late Payment
125 Educational – Tuition Fee
126 Educational – Board Exam Fee
127 Educational – Annual Development Fee
128 Educational – Security Deposit
129 Miscellaneous Payments
130 Hotel – Room Rent
131 Mess
132 Library – Subscription
133 Library – Monthly Fee
134 Sports
135 Club – Membership Fee
136 Club – Monthly Fee
137 Transport
138 Seminars – Subscription
139 Canteen items
140 Uniform
141 Books
142 Rental Services – Rent a Car
143 Tickets – Airline/ Rail / Bus / Van etc
144 Tickets – Entertainment
145 Motor Freight Carriers and Delivery
146 Courier Services
147 Club/Services Fee
148 Insurance payment (General)
149 Insurance payment ( Medical)
150 Mutual Funds
151 Personal Loan Payment
152 Mortgage Payment
153 Credit Card Payment
154 Credit Line Payment
155 Utility Bill Payment – Water
156 QR Code Consumer to Business Payment
157 Home Remittance
158 Donations to Individuals
159 International Remittance
160 Domestic Employment Salary
161 Zakat Payment to Individuals
162 Wallet Payment
163 QR Code Person to Person Payment
164 Salary disbursements
165 Pension Transfer
166 Reimbursements
167 Provident Fund
168 Gratuity Payments
169 Pension Contribution
170 Medical Allowance
171 TADA
172 Car & Fuel Allowance
173 Mobile Allowance
174 Bonus Disbursement
175 Grants
176 Tax Reversals
177 Relief Funds
178 Subsidy
179 Government Welfare
180 Social Benefits
181 IDP Relief Fund
182 Education Endowment
183 Health Program
184 Food Subsidy
185 Income Support
186 Senior Citizen Support
187 Pension Disbursement
188 Salary Disbursement
189 Zakat Disbursement
190 Fine and other fees
191 Income Tax
192 Sales Tax
193 Custom Duties
194 Tax on Services
195 Federal Excise Duty
196 Land Revenue Taxes
197 Property Tax
198 Tax on Profit
199 Capital Gain Tax
200 Petroleum Levy
201 Withholding tax
202 Tolls/ Bridge Fees
203 Zakat / Bait-ul-Maal Payments


Telco Short Code


Telco Short Code 


Mobilink MK MKP
Telenor TR TRP
Ufone UE UEP
Ufone Super card UES 50  /UES 130 /UES 330 /UES 599 /UES 650  
Warid WD WDP