Solar Finance Facility

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Powering affordable energy for all! Sindh Bank now enables Solar Financing Solutions to facilitate its potential, existing and new customers failing under Consumer, Agriculture and Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) catagories. Enabling a complete setup of solar panels, frame ,structure, accessories & equipment etc. the financing is available at Sindh Bank branches all over Pakistan.


• Minimum Documentation
• Quick & Hassle Free Processing
• Affordable Markup Rates
• Flexible Financing
• Partial and Premature Adjustment Allowed
• Providing On-grid and Off-grid Solutions

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Borrower Type:

  • All types of Individuals, SMEs & Agri Borrowers


  • Only close blood relatives (Mother/Father/Siblings etc.) and Spouse are acceptable as co-borrower under Consumer Finance whereas Partner/Directors/Shareholders are acceptable as Co-borrower under SME & Agri

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Pakistani & AJK Citizens
  • Valid CNIC
  • Ownership of Premises where Solar System is to be installed Clean ECIB/CCIB/Data Check 5. Account with Sindh Bank

Age Criteria:

  • Salaried: Up to 60 years at the time of maturity of loan
  • SEP/SEB: Up to 65 years at the time of maturity
  • SME & Agri: As per bank policy and approval terms & conditions,

In case the owner of the property is taken as co-borrower due to ownership only, no maximum age criteria for such co-borrower shall be applicable.

Loan/ Financing Limit: 

  • For SI from Rs.100,000/- to Rs.5,000,000/-
  • For SEP/SEB/Agri Borrowers from Rs.100,000/- to Rs.20,000,000/-
  • For SME borrowers to be decided as per financial strength of the borrower and as per approval terms & conditions  (Maximum limit for SME up to Rs.100,000,000/-)

Financing Tenor:

  • Maximum up to 7 years 

Equity Margin/Down Payment:

  • Minimum 15% of Solar system cost 

Repayment Terms:

  • Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annual Installments 

Solar System Capacity: 

  • From 1KW to 400KW

Documents Required: 

  • Duly filled and Signed Application Form/Loan Application Form
  • Copy of valid CNIC of Applicant, Co-applicant(s) and references
  • 2 recent photographs of the applicant and Co-applicant(s)
  • Copy of last paid Utility Bills of premises where Solar System is to be installed
  • Duly filled Borrower’s Basic Facts Sheet/CF-1 as prescribed by SBP
  • Account Statement of last 1 year (where applicable)
  • Last 3 months Salary Slips in case of Salaried Person (Latest Salary Slips)
  • Pension Card/Certificate in case of pensioner
  • Biometric Verification
  • Business related documents for SME including but not limited to Financials, Bank Statement. Business Visit Report, Loan Application Form, BBFS, Ownership details, existing borrowing details etc.
  • Agri Passbook, attested copy of Form-VII and bank statement in case of Agricultural borrower
  • Any other document as required