Privacy Policy – Mobile Banking

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The following privacy policy (the “Policy”) shall constitute a binding arrangement between the Client and Sindh Bank Limited upon the Client registering for online banking services and shall govern usage of internet banking by Clients, through web browsers and/or the Sindh Bank Mobile Banking Application.


    For the purposes of these Terms & Conditions, the following terms shall apply unless expressly provided otherwise: Words importing one gender include the other gender and words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa. Any reference to a statutory provision shall be deemed to include a reference to any statutory modification or re-enactment. The Clause headings do not form part of these Terms & Conditions and shall not be taken into account in its construction or interpretation. References in these Terms & Conditions to any clause, sub-clause, schedule or paragraph without further designation shall be construed as references to the clause, sub-clause, schedule or paragraph of these Terms & Conditions.

    Unless otherwise specified, the following words and phrases used anywhere in this Policy shall have the meanings as set out below:
    Account(s) shall mean the Client’s bank account i.e. Conventional, IBG, Savings, Corporate, FCY, Saving and/or credit card, debit card and/or home loan account and/or auto loan account and/or personal loan account and/or mobile banking account and/or any other type of account (this definition shall cover all accounts eligible for internet banking through web browsers and/or the Sindh Bank Mobile Banking Application).
    Bank shall mean Sindh Bank Limited.
    Client shall mean Sindh Bank account holders qualifying under the online banking eligibility criteria set by Sindh Bank.
    Internet Banking shall mean the internet banking services offered by Bank to the Clients.

    This Policy relates solely to information supplied by the Client to the Bank online.
    Maintaining the Privacy and Confidentiality of Client’s personal and private information is of the utmost importance to the Bank; it is a key obligation and aspect of the Bank-Client relationship that any and all information provided remains secure and confidential; the Bank is committed to safeguarding Client information
    The Bank ensures that all information provided is kept safe that that no information is ever sold and/or shared with marketers or other parties not associated with the Bank.
    The Bank shall, at all times, reserve the right to add, amend, alter and/or remove any of the provisions of the Policy. Any such change may be notified to the Client in writing and/or by publication on the Bank web site. The Policy shall apply in addition to any other applicable terms and conditions such as those applicable to Account(s), credit/debit cards, product(s) and services provided by the Bank.
    The Policy hereunder is to be read together with the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions governing Internet Banking services.

    The Bank collects non-public and personal information of its Clients which includes Client incomes, net worth, CNIC number, contact details and address.
    Information is collected from Clients through the following sources:
    i)Bank website usage trends such as number of hits, pages visited and length of active session.
    ii)Upon the Client visiting the Bank website and/or accessing Internet Banking services.
    iii)Information received through applications and/or other forms filled and submitted to the Bank online.
    iv)Information about transactions with the bank and/or other third parties.
    v)Information from outside sources including but not limited to employers, State Bank of Pakistan and Credit Rating Agencies.
    vi)General information obtained not used in determining credit or other banking transaction related matters

    The Bank collects and processes information about Clients in order to conduct its business, to inform and make available products and services that may be of interest to the Client(s). The information provided by Clients may be used to contact Clients as and when necessary such as if a need arises to inform Clients about changes in functionality of Internet Banking services and/or to offer services that the Client may find helpful.

    The Bank endeavors to keep all Client information protected and only discloses information collected in the following circumstances:

    To third party providers with whom the Bank has standing arrangements and agreements for provision of banking related services such as debit/credit card providers and cheque book printers.
    To affiliates, independent contractors and business partners to use in line with the purposes laid out in Clause 5 of this Policy.
    To regulatory, supervisory, governmental or quasi-governmental authority with jurisdiction over the Bank.
    To agents, contractors and/or third-party service provider, professional adviser or any other person under a duty of confidentiality to the Bank.
    To any actual or potential participant or sub-participant in, assignee, novatee or transferee of, any of the Bank’s rights and/or obligations in relation to the Client.
    To any financial institution with which the Bank has or proposes to have dealings
    The Bank may disclose aggregate, individual or anonymous data to investors and potential partners or if required under the law. Additionally, the Bank may transfer information collected in connection with sale of products and services.

    In line with standard industry practices, the Bank has implemented procedures to ensure that all Client information collected in the Bank’s Client database is accurate, current and complete.

    The Bank does not seek to collect sensitive personal information including political opinions and religious beliefs and will always seeks prior written consent from Clients if and when such data collection will be required by the Bank.

    The Bank takes Client information confidentiality to be a serious matter and takes all reasonable steps and precautions to ensure that no information disclosure is ever made subject to applicable law. The Bank shall only disclose Client information, in addition to the circumstances discussed above in Clause 6 of this Policy, in the event that the Bank is requested to disclose such information by a governmental entity, regulator or any third party including a court of law or is otherwise required to do so by law.

    The Bank endeavours to safeguard information according to established security standards and procedures, and continually assesses, upgrades and installs new technology to protect Client information. Employee access to non-public and personal Client information is limited to those employees with a business reason to know such information. The Bank regularly educated employees on the importance of confidentiality and Client privacy through standard operating procedures, special training programs, and the Policy. Appropriate disciplinary measures are taken to enforce employee privacy responsibilities.

    The Bank shall continue to adhere to the Policy with regards to Client information in the circumstances where either the Account(s) held by the Client at the Bank become dormant or the Client closes their Account(s) with the bank.

    By continuing with the use of Internet Banking services provided by the Bank, the Client hereby consents with the provisions of this Policy.