Terms and Conditions

Sindh Bank SMS Internet Banking Terms and Conditions/ Security Tips:

(For Sindh Bank SMS Internet Banking)

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms & conditions apply to the users of Sindh bank SMS Internet Banking offered by Sindh Bank Limited.
  • The user agrees and accepts all terms & conditions in order to use Sindh Bank SMS Internet Banking.
  • The user pertains a Login and account number for logging in to SMS Internet Banking.
  • The user gets a pin password on his/her mobile number on putting the pin in the box the SMS Internet Banking logs in.
  • The user may also deactivate his/her card if lost by clicking on to “Deactivate Card” instead of login after getting the pin on mobile number.
  • The SMS Internet Banking may be used for IBFT for funds transfer within Sindh Bank or to any other bank by putting in the beneficiary account details.
  • Utility Bill payment may be done by selecting the desired company and consumer number
  • Current balance of any account can be received by just clicking on it and user receives a message of his current account balance on his/her cellphone.
  • Account statement may be taken by putting in the dates from which the customer wants his account statement details which will be received on his email he has provided earlier to the bank.

Security Tips

  • Sindh Bank never obtains ATM Card numbers, PIN or any other account details on emails website or phone calls. Thus customers are requested not to share details via these modes
  • Avoid accessing your Internet Banking Account from public places like a cyber cafe or a shared computer. 
  • Always type the Sindh Bank website URL https://smsbanking.sindhbank.com.pk/ directly into your browser address bar before you login to ensure that you are on the correct Sindh bank website. Never click a link that offers to take you to our website. This will reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of phishing attacks.
  • Use a web browser that has good security controls such as pop-up blocker, checks on malicious sites etc.
  • Please ensure not to leave your Sindh Bank SMS web banking session unattended once you have signed in.
  • Kindly logout from your Sindh Bank web banking when done.
  • Change your password at regular intervals
  • If you find any transactions that were not made by you, immediately contact call center at

0800 33322