Events and Activities

  • 2024
    Mar 08

    Women’s Day Celebration-2024

  • 2023
    Oct 20

    Breast Cancer Awareness Session- 2023

  • 2023
    Mar 15

    Session at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital - Lahore

    A Session was conducted by Rukhsana Narejo on the need of Financial Literacy and Gender Diversity and on marketing of Bank’s women banking products at Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital , Lahore, for doctors and nurses , on March 15, 2023.

  • 2023
    Mar 10

    International Women’s Day Celebration- 2023

    International Women’s Day was celebrated at Sindh Bank on March 10, 2023, the event started at 04:00 pm and lasted for more than an hour, at the Federation House, 4th Floor, Auditorium. The female staff from all the Karachi branches and the Head Office attended the event. The event was also attended by the bank’s senior management. The Guests of Honour for the event were- Ms. Maheen Rehman, CEO, InfraZamin and Ms. Angeline Malik, veteran, Actor/Director. Mr. Rizwan Khalil Shamsi- Joint Director, Development Finance Division, Mr. Hafiz Attiqur- Rehman Deputy Director- Development Finance Division, and Ms. Faryal were invited from SBP as observers to the event. The event started with the National Anthem and then with the recitation from the Holy Quran. The welcome address was given by Ms. Saima Aziz –Head of Marketing & Media. The opening remarks were given by Ms. Rukhsana Narejo- Head of Treasury & FI, and the focal person for Gender Diversity at Sindh Bank. Both the Guests of Honour spoke about their work and their experiences and kept the audience engaged. Finally the closing remarks were given by President/CEO Mr. Imran Samad. Shields and giveaways were given to both the Guests of Honour and then a photograph session took place and then finally Hi- tea was served to the all the guests. Also small giveaway were given to all the guests and the same giveaways have been sent to all the female staff across our 330 branches.

  • 2023
    Jan 11

    Event - on Financial Literacy for Govt Karachi College for Women at Sindh Bank HO - 2023

    An event was hosted in Jan 11,2023 at 10:30 am at the HO, on Financial Literacy and we invited 50 students and faculty staff along with the Principal from Govt Karachi College for Women. We also invited SBP officials from their Gender Diversity team amoung them were, Mr. Rizwan Khalil Shamsi, Senior Joint Director, Development Finance Division. The event was also attended by Some of the members from the senior management and some female staff members . Two student groups were made and were led by Rukhsana and myself and were taken around the Head Office in different depts and the Branch at the Federation House and they were told about our products and services being offered at Sindh Bank. Then a session took place at the Auditorium where Rukhsana , the College Principal , Mr. Shamsi from SBP and President & CEO spoke about financial literacy and Banking on Equality.

  • 2022
    Dec 22

    Event- National Working Women’s Day - 2022

    National Working Women’s Day was celebrated at Sindh Bank. The importance of this special day was shown by displaying standees and banners at the Head Office and some of the branches. An E- card was sent to all the staff members of the bank wishing a Happy National Working Women’s Day -2022 for all the female staff of the Bank. As suggested by the President & CEO to appreciate the efforts of all the female staff at the Head Office and at the Karachi branches, 150 boxes of Donuts were distributed amongst them. Also very actively banners related to National Women’s day were posted on all the 3 social media platforms

  • 2022
    Dec 14

    Event - Excellence by Women at Work

    In order to support SBP’s mission on financial inclusion. Sindh Bank had organised a session on “Excellence by Women at Work” for the female staff of the Bank .

    The Chief Guest for the event was Honourable Senator Khushbakht Shujat.

  • 2022
    Oct 21

    Event held for Breast Cancer Awareness

  • 2022
    Oct 05

    Seminar held at Govt. College for Women Karachi

    A Seminar was held at Govt. Women's College Karachi on the awareness of Mohtarma Account for the teachers and the female college students.

  • 2022
    Mar 28

    Seminar held at Karachi University (KU) on Financial Literacy and CRYPTO Currency

    A seminar was held at (KU). Ms. Rukhsana Narejo- EVP II/Head Treasury & FI spoke about Financial Literacy and Crypto Currency and had an interactive session with the students ( males and females) Mr. Shahzad Khowaja- Area Manager- Karachi spoke about the Sindh Bank banking products. Attached below are the photographs from the event.

  • 2022
    Mar 8

    International Women's Day Celebration.

    International Women’s Day was celebrated at the Head Office and female staff from all the Karachi branches were invited . The guest speakers invited were veteran actress Ms . Samina Ahmed and Ms. Nusrat Munshi CEO AG Pharma Ltd. Goody bags were given with Sindh Bank branded mugs with chocolate and flowers to each of the females and the same goody bags were sent all over Pakistán to all the female employees of the bank .

  • 2021
    Nov 12

    Mentoring session held for female staff- Chief Guest - Ms. Sultana Siddiqui

    Ms. Sultana Siddiqui- CEO of HUM TV/Channel Network was invited as the Chief Guest to an event organized at the Sindh Bank Head Office where female staff from all the Karachi branches were invited to the event. Ms. Siddiqui had a very interactive session with the female staff. The event was attended by President & CEO and by the senior management of Sindh Bank, followed by a photo session and hi-tea. Attached below are the photographs from the event.

  • 2021
    Oct 08

    Breast Cancer Awareness Day

    SBP collaborated with the NGO Pink Ribbon Pakistan and instructed all the banks to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Day, on October 8, 2021. Pink Ribbon Pakistan is the only organization in the country devotedly working on the issue of breast cancer with nationwide outreach since 2004. As October is a global Breast Cancer Awareness month, Pink Ribbon named it “PINKtober” and celebrating it since 2004 to raise awareness on this lethal disease.
    Sindh Bank Marketing Dept, organized an event on October 8, 2021 and invited female staff from the Head Office and the Karachi branches to the event. President & CEO met the female staff and spoke about breast cancer awareness. All females were dressed in pink clothes. Pink bow ribbons were worn by all the staff at the bank ( including males) as a sign to acknowledge the breast cancer day. The Federation House and the branch at I.I. Chundrigar -Karachi was lit up with PINK LIGHTS for 3 days. The HR Head offered complete reimbursement of Mammogram charges for its female employees above 40 years. Attached below are the photographs from the event.